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By Jerry.z.

Small World Moving is also a smaller scale logistic company, we are able to receive your shipment 7 days a week 24 hours a day, proses your shipment noted damages, store and ship by your request, our warehouse is equipped with truck hight docks, and forklift/skid jack. if needed we can also provide dispatch for your shipment and will contact the receiving end to set up delivery time. We can receive any type of merchandise, and able to set up and assemble your shipment if needed and all in fraction of the cost you will usually pay with a larger logistic company. Cross docking is also available you can transfer a shipment from a semi trailer directly on to one of our trucks for immediate delivery.
for pricing and free quote call us at 972-294-8083.

    Some of our clients past and present:

  • Kroger's furniture department, Small World Moving would deliver furniture to customer and if required will ass amble at customer home

  • Custom found found raiser, logistic services of mattress sale weekly set up, receiving and shipping of sold mattresses.

  • Hospital beds, receiving and delivery(includes set up) of the beds at the customer home.

  • Thomasville furniture, a white glove delivery and set up of one of most familiar Americas fine furniture brand.

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