Insurance options

3 option to choose from

By Jerry.z.

1st coverage option:

Every moving company who is a legal one, have to offer some liability to her customers in case of damages to the customers belongings, the liability amount is determinant and decided by the federal government (DOT), the amount in the present time is 60 cents per pound per article, for an example if you have a TV that weights 100 pounds, and the TV breaks the amount that the movers will have to pay you is $60, regardless of the TV value, this liability coverage is mandatory and does not cost the customer any fees, the reason behind this is to make the moving companies try to avoid damages because there is a price to pay. This option most time will not cover the damage but is free.

2nd coverage option:

This option cold full value replacement, full value replacement is when you buying the coverage directly from the moving company that moves you, the way this coverage work is- if an item get damaged the moving company have the option to ether repair the item, replace it with an similar item in the same condition or pay the customer the amount the item worth at present time, for an example- you move a 3 years old TV and the TV breaks, if the movers can fix the TV they can find the price of a used TV from that year and pay you that amount, even if you paid way more at some time, if choosing this option you will have to pay some percentage of your items declare value and deductible, for more information and pricing for this option call us at 972-294-8083

3rd coverage option:

The last option we offer is a 3rd party insurance company, as today there are 2 large moving insurance companies that we are working with, the insurance company option is a 100% coverage for your items some insurance companies will allow to insure the full shipment only and others will let you insure selected items, the insurance companies will charge some percentage from the declare value of the shipment and deductible. to get more information about the insurance companies you can click this links:

moving insurance

Baker Intonational

moving insurance

Moving Insurance

Should I get insured for my move?

By Felicia Z.

Should I Purchase Insurance Coverage For My Move? Most consumers do not pay attention to the liability coverage offered by moving companies for a local or long distance move. Many will take the risk that nothing will happen whereas some will simply assume that if something does happen that the moving company will take full responsibility and replace the item. This assumption is completely false. In the state of Texas, a moving company is required to pay $0.60 per pound per article for any item is lost or damaged during transit. If you do the math, you will find that this reimbursement is not much especially when it comes to light, expensive items such as TVs and other electronics. For example, if you have a 50lb TV and the movers drop it and it breaks, you’re only going to get $45 as reimbursement! If you have a 200lb dresser, you will receive a $120 reimbursement. In this case, it may be enough to repair a scratch for example, but if will most certainly not cover the cost of replacement if it was severely damaged. So, should you take the risk or purchase additional coverage? .....Click to read the rest in our blog

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