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By Jerry.z.

Small World moving is a professional moving company, our damaged to move ratio is extremely low but there can still be damages, we always recommend our customers to get insurance for their move, if you have decided that limited liability is enough the following information is for you, if you have assumed insurance or like to get more information about getting moving insuranceclick here.

We are a licences and insured moving company, there for we have to comply with the roles and regulation of the local and the federal government, as for now a legal moving company have to be liable for damages of customer items at 60 cent per lb per article, A moving company can handle her claims independently, or use a 3rd body claim company to handle her claims, Small World Moving uses a claim company named "Anthem Claim Management" for all our claims, the claim proses is simple, you will need to contact our claim company by phone -(877) 476-5983 or online at Click here , the claim company than will provide you with a claim form that is also available for download click here after downloading the form just follow the instruction, the claim management company may ask for pictures and other information to support the claim, if any difficulties may raise you are more than welcome to contact us for immediate help.

Important!!! dear and appreciated customer damages have to be notated on the contract prior to the moving team leave your residents and singed by the foreman, please inspect your shipment.

Tips for inspections

  1. *Ask the movers to look at the truck, make sure nothing left unloaded
  2. *Walk threw you home and check your furniture for scratches or dings
  3. *Look over your glass items packed by the movers
  4. *Make sure your washing machine is not licking water
  5. *Inspect your floors and walls

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