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When its comes to long distance moving, Small World Moving is one of the better ways to move. What makes us better you may ask? Well read below for some reasons that can help your decision making and choose Small World Moving over the competition for your next long distance move: 1st we are not a broker, we are a real moving g company. For the inexperienced customer, that means you are dealing with the actual moving company that will be in charge of your move. A moving broker will receive your moving request and advertise it on a private lead board for moving companies to choose from. If it works with their schedule, a moving company can essentially "buy" your job from the broker. The downside of this model is that you don't know who the moving company is that will service you. They could very well have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, you don't have any control over the company selection. Most of the time these brokers will low ball your quote just to book you in. Once booked, you will have to pay a deposit, typically 20-50% of the estimate. What winds up happening is because your move was booked at such a low price, the actual moving company coming to move you will find ways to increase the price in order to make a profit. So be very careful when dealing with a broker, do your research and flat out ask them if they are a broker. You can also Google them online, they will often present themselves as a local moving company but you have to research the company name a little bit further to be sure. 2nd we are privately owned, not a franchise. This point is very important because if you move with a franchised moving company, you will pay more. The reason being that you are not only paying for your move but you are paying the franchise fee. The agent that is moving you needs to pay his boss - the brand - and it can get pretty expensive. The good thing about some of these companies is that they try to keep their quality up to par with brand name but often fail. So it's not guaranteed that you will get a better quality move but one thing's for sure, you will most definitely pay more. Since we are a privately owned long distance moving company, we have no overhead and the savings will be transferred to you. You will get full service with attention to details because for a smaller company your business really matters. It's kind of like shopping for expensive sunglasses. You can buy Gucci and pay $500 or buy Ray Bans and pay about half. You still get great sunglasses, with good quality lenses but the name is what you are paying for. 3rd is our business model. As a privately owned small scale long distance moving company without an agent, we have found a system to still be able to service our customers throughout the US almost at any given time. We have an owner operator moving network - it's a network of over 50 owner operators who are trained in moving and help us provide you with the best service. They operate under our own service contract and follow our rules and guidelines. So how much can we save you and what do we provide? If you compare apples to apples we can save you about 40% from the cost of using a large van line. We are competitive with U-Pack and U-Haul. I have provided below an example of the most popular moving options to give you a comparison of the cost. In the example, we are moving a 2 bedroom house ( approximately 800 cubic feet/ 5000 pounds) from Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA. No special services needed, just basic relocation services. Here are the results I found: U-Pack: If using U-Pack, expect to pay around $2422. U-Pack brings the container to you, you do all the labor to load and unload. U-Haul: For the rental of a 20' truck and 1400 miles, you can expect to pay $1071. Fuel will cost around $300 (assuming the gas price is $2.20 per gallon). If you hire movers to load and unload your truck that will be an additional $600. Motels and travel expanses about $300. Grand total $1671-$2271 and you do all the driving. Large Van Line: Received a quote for a complete move with insurance of $4500. Small World Moving: Price quote for a complete move with limited liability insurance is $2482. So there you have it. Now let's compare the prices. It seems like the van line is way more than the others and this where the franchise fee come into play as well as the high salaries of the drivers. There are lot of hands that get fed down the chain in a van line. U-Haul is the lowest coming in at $1671-$2271 but you are doing the driving and possibly all the labor and have to spend days on the road just to save a few hundred dollars. U-Pack can be a good solution for your move if you load and unload yourself, however, if you use them for a loading/unloading service, their price is almost the same as our price. The issue with U-Pack is that space is limited and if you have more items that will not fit in the container, you will need to order another container and then you will have doubled your bill. Our price for afull moving service includes protective padding of your furniture, assembly and disassembly, loading and unloading services and we use various truck sizes to accommodate all load sizes. We also offer a free no obligation price quote so give us a call and find out how we can help you save.

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I have created my blog for two reasons, the first reason is to give you the information to make an educated Decision when choosing your moving company, the second one is to even the ground for our company, we never low ball and our prices are real, you should compare apples to apples