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So you are looking for a moving company and if you’re not a dinosaur you will most likely turn to the internet for assistance. As most of you are familiar with the layout of search engine pages, you know that you will find the paid advertisers (found at the top and right hand side of the page), followed by the local listings (found below, filtered to your specific area) and finally at the bottom you will find what’s called the organic listings. This article focuses on the paid advertisements, the ones that will provide you with free moving quotes from several moving companies. These types of advertisements are called moving leads and they are created by big marketing companies that advertise all over the internet and sell your information to moving companies in your area. Moving companies will pay anywhere from $5-$20 per lead. You are asked to fill out some information including your name, telephone, email address, city moving from and to and the size of your move whether it’s an apartment or house. Your information is then sent to 5-10 different moving companies. At first glance it sounds great because in your mind you may be thinking that someone has done all the guess work for you as far as ensuring you are getting quotes from legitimate companies but that’s often not the case. A lot of these lead providers do not filter who they sell the leads to, after all they just want to make money. So you could essentially receive quotes from companies that have an F rating with the BBB, have a lot of bad reviews online or even worse, do not have an up to date moving license. A few minutes later you get your first call from a moving company, they sound nice and eager to provide you with a quote. You go through the quote process and they tell you the price. They try to put some sales pressure on you to book now but you want to get a few more quotes to compare with. So from there on, your phone is blowing up with calls from all these moving companies. You may take a few of these calls but at some point you will feel as though you are being harassed. I’ve heard of customers getting 40-50 calls a day. Some companies won’t stop until they get you live on the phone. The sales people may start to sound rude and will try to pressure you to book now. So if you’re a busy person (who isn’t?) and don’t want to spend hours on the phone, you may want to reconsider before clicking on these types of ads. It’s better to put yourself in control of the situation and select 3-4 moving companies from the local listing portion of the search results. Good luck and I hope I’ve provided some helpful information!

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